Graphic Identity

ERAM CROSSMEDIA COLLEGE. 2012-2013. Client: Eram. Creation of the visual communication. We also wrote all the text of the web and the brochure and gave the naming. In collaboration with Eric Olivares Lira. Inlightdesign Studio.

NEWGEN. Design of the Identity and the cooperation in the Exhibition Design. Beijing Design Week 2013 Beijing September 26 – October 3, 2013. Section Europe. Inlightdesign studio. In collaboration with Eric Olivares and System design Studio, and Daniel Ding.

PÀYES. Bread Yes, Sub-brand of Inlightdesign. Collection of bowls and dishes that morphological reassemble traditional vegetables of the Catalan gastronomic culture. Graphic/ production/ Photography was made and designed in-home. In collaboration with Provi Casals, Eric Olivares, and Lykke Groven

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