Poster Design

Angel with Broken Wings – Prevent and Stop Trafficking in Woman and Children.
Co-organitzada per: CN Zimore Club// Creative Designer Salon of China // Zhengzhou Graphic Design Association // Designer Salon of Fengtian (FDS).

This poster highlights some of the situations that generate human traffickings such as poverty, indifference, and social inequality. The perspective in which we see the figure does not allow us to understand which hand is moving the threads. My intention is to report the situation. In this practice we need to break the silence, to break the threads. Although we do not know the puppeteer because he is hidden. I chose to represent the poster with a girl because it illustrates not only childhood but also the female gender. Woven materials, collage illustration and digital post-post-production.

The Collective (Poster Exhibition) 6th- 13th, November 2021. Seoul Arts Center Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum.

I understand the “collective” theme as an inclusive group, where differences are respected and a common goal is shared. The idea of teamwork, mutual respect, and tolerance was represented with a typographic solution, where the “low good” is replaced by a heart. Both the use of color and play with different sizes represent the joyful coexistence in diversity. The notion of caring for each other can be seen in the typography: the “O” that sits inside the “Ce” or the small “el” that sits at the foot of the capital “el”. The semicircular graphic elements reflect the idea of interconnectivity.

Under the theme of ‘Wave’, East Sea International Art Pre-Biennale will be held from Oct 23rd to Nov 19th in Gangwon Province and Donghae City, Korea, The Pre-Biennale is being prepared to announce the start of East Sea International Art Biennale which will be held once in two years in Donghae City and Gangwon Province.

Digital art: Vibration of Beauty 2021 China (Kunming) Golden Camellia Competition

“Hope” . 2021, collective exhibition VIDAK // Aesopo, They’re probably sour anyway. 2021, will be exhibited in Peru, Finalist of the Peru poster Biennial.

Portrait ERAM professors 2020-2021 Made in Photoshop/Illustrator/ Fresco. Photography in collaboration with Diego Espada.

Weinwelt promotional posters. Self Promotional poster for the Cut-Out Exhibition in Weinwelt. (April -September 2021)

Organization of the workshops at inlightdesign: Lettering and Engraving, Creative illustration techniques. Graphic Design by Eric Olivares. Organization of the workshop and at ERAM University, Fashion and Cinema, and Fashion and Trends.

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